Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fiat Scorpion! The Fiat 500 Abarth!

With an all new 1.4 liter inter cooled turbocharged I-4 engine the Abarth is a powerful ride. Just imagine the feeling of driving a small car with 160 horsepower and 170 lb-ft under hood. This new designed was made with the only purpose of take with proud the name of Carlo Abarth, the legendary Italian car racing maker.

In this awesome design you will find

- Dual chrome tips
- Rear diffuser
- Performance tires
- Abarth badging
- Large winged spoiler (compared with the Fiat 500)
- Heated foldaway mirrors
- Ventilated disc brakes
- Frequency Selective Damping shock absorbers
- Front fascia intake for inter cooler

In terms of performance you will find
- Abarth tuned power control module (PCM)
- Abarth Designed high flow intake and exhaust system
- Heavy duty five speed manual transmission
- Intermediate shaft with equal length-half-shafts
- Larger-tuned Torque transfer control (TTC) system
- Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods
- lightened engine counterweights, cast aluminum
pistons and piston cooling jets.

Cool suspension for a cool car

- Frequency Selective damping (FSD) Koni front shock absorbers
- Stiffer front and rear springs
- Lower ride height (0.6 inch)
- Cast iron lower control arms and negative camber
- Reinforced twist-beam rear axle with strengthened coil-spring supports
- Solid rear stabilizer
- Large Ventilated front rotors
- Semi- metallic brake linings
- Abarth-tuned ESC with "full off" setting
- Available forged-aluminum 17-inch wheels with high-performance
three season 205/40 R17 Pirelli P-Zaero Nero tires

In the inside you will find:

-Blue ME hands free communication includes voice-activated system with Bluetooth phone capability
-BOSE Energy Efficiency Series (EES) premium high-performance audio system with 6 speakers and sub woofer
- Leather wrapped instrument cluster brow
- Turbo boost gauge with integrated LED shift light
- Abarth designed steering wheel
- Abarth designed aluminum pedal covers
- Black leather shift knob with red accent stitching
- Black finish on HVAC headliner and pillars for a technical look

And one of the coolest features of the Fiat 500 (and of course the Abarth)


The SPORT MODE button is used for greater boost, quicker throttle, and tighter steering response. The Torque Transfer Control is active and automatically adjust the differential locking capability according to dynamic factor us as speed. The electric power steering increases in effort and throttle pedal to engine response.

This driving mode is useful while driving on winding roads where more spirited cornering demands increased steering precision.

If you like a high and powerful car to drive, if you are looking for the fun and edge of a racing car, the Fiat Abarth is a great choice!

J.De La Cruz is a Fiat Specialist. If you have any more questions or feedback about the Abarth please go to El Paso Fiat for more information.

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