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Tips for Purchasing Auto Parts Online - The Quick Solution

Has it become harder to find the necessary auto parts for your vehicle? Are you already tired of entering countless dealerships only to exit without your much-needed purchase? This is a draining activity and it is frustrating to have such difficulties when you need to fix your car or truck. The more days pass without the necessary fix, the worse it can get for you and your business, should this be the case. Besides, buying from one such dealership itself, when you eventually find the specific auto parts, takes enough extra cash out of your wallet. Buying online is a cheaper and quicker solution to your problem, but even this may pose some problems and lead to a poor choice if the customer is not prepared with the right information.

Go Straight to the Point

The Web can take you straight to the richest resources when it comes to buying auto parts. That not only you have access to any store from anywhere and have the item shipped to you, but you can also locate the needed piece through its exact specifications. To get straight to the auto parts you have to get, simply go to your computer, and be aware of what you know about your car and type in the exact item to be bought. With only a few clicks, you will be taken to the exact online distributors which stock on the needed auto parts and accessories. Firstly, it is crucial to determine the make and the model of your car - know the manufacturer date, too. Do not leave out any of the details. Serial numbers and engine numbers may also be required. Thus, you can make sure the right parts will be supplied.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Not everyone was meant to be a car expert. If you are simply unsure about the compatibility of the found parts and your car, then ask a professional about it. This is probably the most important tip to keep in mind. This is why professionals exist; they know everything about the various models and the makes.

New or Used

Online, you can find used auto parts to suit your needs. However, if you want to buy a new auto part, which is a mechanical one, then you have to consider the difference in wear between the adjoining ones. The older your vehicle is, the greater the difference. Therefore, in this case it is better to look for used pieces. If the car is just a few years old, then you can go for factory original parts.

Find Local Dealers and Eliminate Waiting Time and Money Loss

Finding the perfectly fitting auto parts is simple and quick, but how about the waiting time? Depending on the location of the vendor, you can wait for a shorter or a longer while. To shorten the waiting time and to lower the shipping costs, you can look for companies, which are located within your region. Be careful to pay as soon as you can, so they can send the auto parts to you within the shortest time possible.

You can now have easy access to a complete market of vehicle-related items. Shopping online provides you with the most relevant results and with the smallest prices. To have access to all the auto parts at once and pick the right ones in the blink of an eye, you can go to the virtual departmental stores online.

Can Google Save the United States Post Office From a Bankruptcy Meltdown - Yes, Not How You Think

Well, the United States Postal Service has decided to raise the price of first-class stamps by one penny. No, that will not be enough to solve their financial woes, legacy costs and underfunded pensions, or get them into a profitable situation. The reality is that they can't raise the price of stamps too much, where people will simply stop using the mail altogether, in many regards that has already happened; hasn't it? Sure, due to electronic communications, e-mail, fax machines, text messaging, and what have you, things have changed. Things will get even worse as 3-D printing becomes more prevalent. Okay so let's talk.

Well then, what must be done to save the United States post office you ask? Maybe it's time to Google it? That is to say that maybe Google can save the USPS from a complete bankruptcy meltdown. Am I suggesting that Google needs to partner with the USPS, or take over its operations? No, rather, what I suggest is that Google's autonomous vehicle technology, at its Google X research division, come up with a self-driving postal delivery vehicle.

Interestingly enough, this wouldn't be as difficult as you might think. After all, the vehicle would drive the exact same route every single day, it would stop at the exact same mailboxes which are in the exact same position that they've always been. Isn't it time that we take inexpensive robotics which can sort the mail, load the delivery vehicles, and then send them out by themselves? You might think we are talking about all science fiction here, but I assure you I am not. You see, I was at the first DARPA Challenge and it is amazing how far this technology has come since then in only a decade. It's almost ready now for what I propose.

There is an interesting research paper I think you should read titled; "CarSpeak: A Content-Centric Network for Autonomous Driving," by Swarun Kumar, Lixin Shi, Nabeel Ahmed, Stephanie Gil, Dina Katabi and Daniela Rus Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012).

Indeed, after you read that research paper I think you'll agree with the authors that soon we will have automatic garbage collector vehicles which drive autonomously as well. It's just one more step in integrating the robotic control systems that sort the mail allowing them to load the postal jeeps for them to go out and do their service. They have all the sensors, optical reading systems, and communications systems needed to get this done. That would save the United States Postal Service a huge amount of money and prevent them from going bankrupt because they wouldn't have any employees to pay.

Is this feasibly possible and can it be done on a reasonable return on investment? The economies of scale should provide for this if it is done by companies that are just trying to scrape the cream off the top and make a huge amount of money for themselves, but are truly interested in solving the problem and fixing the Post Office. Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Auto Tech. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

Aftermarket, Used, or New and Discounted Auto Parts?

A situation when your car needs to have a certain part replaced is not as easy to handle as one may think initially. There comes the difficulty of choosing between two available types of auto parts: brand new ones and aftermarket items. Besides, there is the trouble of having to spend much. When it comes to cars, most expenses are significant. People suddenly find their vehicle impossible to use and this means unplanned spending. The unwanted bill can have quite an impact on someone's budget. The buyer then has to strike a balance between the price and the type of the needed item.

It is within the human nature to want to solve a car issue - or any kind of issue - with the least expense possible and by getting the most compatible solution. A car part replacement is, in fact, a matter that asks for quick fixing. How can a troubled customer make his way through the options available online or at local auto parts dealers? The current market features three major options: aftermarket, used parts or new but discounted.

Aftermarket Auto Parts

The category refers to vehicle parts which are produced by another manufacturer than the original one whose signature is on the car itself. However, that specific part is not considered as standard by the original manufacturer and therefore not among its recommendations, but it can fit the ensemble. Because these have not been tasted with all the models and makes, incompatibilities may arise. Your car may not function properly and, in any case, it involves certain risks such as engine damage. You can purchase aftermarket air filters or headlights, but these aren't necessarily obedient to the quality or performance regulations. Nevertheless, when you shop with the right features and details in mind, you have all the chances to come across a fitting, reliable aftermarket part.

Used OEM Vehicle Parts

Known as the most cost-effective option, these auto parts come from the very same manufacturer as your car, with the only downside being that they're not new. The key to succeeding with these is to match their year of production and model with that of your car. This is because companies tend to change their standards and enhance the designs. You know their age and their origin, which spells safety and no compromise. Another advantage is compatibility due to the wear degree. Besides, considering these parts had to pass some tests, you won't be facing unpleasant surprises. Established sellers grant for these and you won't be making any compromise, as you would with the aftermarket auto parts. The only risk is that you could buy ones that got too used up.

Brand New and Discounted

This type needs no description. If you are lucky, you can find such when you look for auto parts. Discounts are not being made every day or at any store. They are only available occasionally, according to the dealer's policies and strategies. The risk involved is the following: stores usually offer for discounted prices those items which don't sell that well. If there are other types available, you may want to check those instead. However, if the exact vehicle part you need is now available as discounted, you should take advantage of the situation.

If you are looking to buy anything related to vehicles - accessories, insurance, safety devices and, of course, auto parts, you can find the much-needed help online, where all the important vendors are listed. Besides, you can find the buyer's opinion on the purchased items and products.

What You Need To Know About Auto Dealerships

Do you have plans of getting a new car? Then it's time for you to obtain a car deal. But you shouldn't get just an ordinary car deal, you should get the best one. Precisely how?

The top thing you should do is to do some research about cars. Get ample information about the cars that you are interested in and what features they have such as what make and model you want, and what options, that limits the amount of selling you'll be subject to. The more you know, the better your decision will be on the selection of a car deal.

Once you've made your choice about the car you want, try getting quotes from four or more dealers. Why is that you require many dealers? This is because you would need many options. Also through this, you can examine each dealer's advantages and disadvantages. If you really don't have the luxury of the time to personally go to the auto companies for quotes, you can get them through the telephone or through the Internet. Auto dealers usually have their very own website, where you can easily get quotes and read about the terms and conditions of their deals. Through this process, you can have a clearer understanding on the car deals and you can arrive to a great choice.

Yet another way to have a wonderful car deal is to get some referrals and recommendations from close acquaintances, co-workers and experts. In doing this, you can automatically gain information on whether a dealer and auto dealership you are interested in are likely to be the best or not.

When you've already chosen a dealer, remember to negotiate like a pro, even if you're not. This can be really daunting especially if you are not really born with PR skills. However, you really don't have to be a professional so that you can make negotiations. What you have to do is to just be confident while conversing with the dealer.

Also, you should never make haphazard decisions. If you still want to think things over through the night, then you can opt to. You just might make a far better decision if you really think things over.

Final tip with regards to the cost of the car deal, you need to talk to the dealer so that he'll give you a good price. It may not be that easy to achieve that win-win situation, but it is surely one that would be worth it your time and effort.

Appleton Auto dealer is a business that can sometimes be deceiving but you can rise above it by being more informed.

The Fiat Scorpion! The Fiat 500 Abarth!

With an all new 1.4 liter inter cooled turbocharged I-4 engine the Abarth is a powerful ride. Just imagine the feeling of driving a small car with 160 horsepower and 170 lb-ft under hood. This new designed was made with the only purpose of take with proud the name of Carlo Abarth, the legendary Italian car racing maker.

In this awesome design you will find

- Dual chrome tips
- Rear diffuser
- Performance tires
- Abarth badging
- Large winged spoiler (compared with the Fiat 500)
- Heated foldaway mirrors
- Ventilated disc brakes
- Frequency Selective Damping shock absorbers
- Front fascia intake for inter cooler

In terms of performance you will find
- Abarth tuned power control module (PCM)
- Abarth Designed high flow intake and exhaust system
- Heavy duty five speed manual transmission
- Intermediate shaft with equal length-half-shafts
- Larger-tuned Torque transfer control (TTC) system
- Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods
- lightened engine counterweights, cast aluminum
pistons and piston cooling jets.

Cool suspension for a cool car

- Frequency Selective damping (FSD) Koni front shock absorbers
- Stiffer front and rear springs
- Lower ride height (0.6 inch)
- Cast iron lower control arms and negative camber
- Reinforced twist-beam rear axle with strengthened coil-spring supports
- Solid rear stabilizer
- Large Ventilated front rotors
- Semi- metallic brake linings
- Abarth-tuned ESC with "full off" setting
- Available forged-aluminum 17-inch wheels with high-performance
three season 205/40 R17 Pirelli P-Zaero Nero tires

In the inside you will find:

-Blue ME hands free communication includes voice-activated system with Bluetooth phone capability
-BOSE Energy Efficiency Series (EES) premium high-performance audio system with 6 speakers and sub woofer
- Leather wrapped instrument cluster brow
- Turbo boost gauge with integrated LED shift light
- Abarth designed steering wheel
- Abarth designed aluminum pedal covers
- Black leather shift knob with red accent stitching
- Black finish on HVAC headliner and pillars for a technical look

And one of the coolest features of the Fiat 500 (and of course the Abarth)


The SPORT MODE button is used for greater boost, quicker throttle, and tighter steering response. The Torque Transfer Control is active and automatically adjust the differential locking capability according to dynamic factor us as speed. The electric power steering increases in effort and throttle pedal to engine response.

This driving mode is useful while driving on winding roads where more spirited cornering demands increased steering precision.

If you like a high and powerful car to drive, if you are looking for the fun and edge of a racing car, the Fiat Abarth is a great choice!

J.De La Cruz is a Fiat Specialist. If you have any more questions or feedback about the Abarth please go to El Paso Fiat for more information.

Capture Significant HP Gains With Aftermarket MINI Supercharger Pulleys

The first generation MINI Cooper S, built between 2001 and 2006, is powered by a supercharger. The supercharger in the early Cooper S provides more oxygen to the motor and, consequently, more fuel. This increase in distribution of oxygen and fuel to the Cooper S's motor yields higher power output. However, there is still more power attaintable due to MINI aftermarket parts like the reduced-sized supercharger pulleys.

Typically, aftermarket pulleys come in three different styles - 15%, 17% and 19%. What do these percentages mean? They simply refer to the size difference between the aftermarket and stock pulley. For instance, a 15% pulley is 15% smaller than the one that comes stock in the MINI. The smaller the pulley, the smaller the belt; and, the smaller the belt, the faster the turbines in the supercharger spin. When the turbines spin faster, more oxygen is supplied to the motor and the motor yields a higher power output. What does this amount to? More torque and horsepower.

In the R53 MINI Cooper S, expect to capture a gain of about 15 HP after installing a 15% pulley. (Remember, the percentage of the pulley does not correspond to the gain in HP - this is just a coincidence.) With the 17% expect a 20 HP boost and, with the 19%, a 25 HP boost. All HP gains vary based on the condition of the MINI and previously-added performance parts.

When considering the cost of an aftermarket pulley - $100 to $150 - and the amount of extra HP gained, it's one of the most cost-effective upgrades in the R53 MINI aftermarket. MINI performance parts like bulky intercoolers and exhausts cost around a grand and don't offer the HP boosts that performance pulleys do. In essence, you get an additional 15-25 HP with a two-pound pulley and a lesser HP gain with various performance parts that are heavier and more expensive. This is why many enthusiasts are quick to make an aftermarket pulley installation their first MINI upgrade.

But which pulley should you buy? The 15%, 17% or 19%?

By looking at the HP gains produced by each pulley, it seems best to go with the 19% for the highest HP gain. The 19% pulley, however, isn't the most practical. The 19% delivers the most boost, but also delivers the most wear to the vehicle's internals. The 19% is good for short circuit races or time trials while the 15% is good for endurance, long races and everyday power cravings. Putting this into perspective, the 17% is a compromise between the two. It delivers an increase in HP over the 15%, but causes internals to wear slightly faster. Overall, the 15% is the most recommended pulley for everyday drivers of the R53 MINI Cooper S looking for a substantial power gain.

Robert Gibb is part of the Helix Motorsports team in Philadelphia. Helix Motorsports designs aftermarket parts for 1st generation MINIs including 15%, 17% and 19% supercharger pulleys. To learn more about these pulleys and other aftermarket MINI performance parts, visit Helix's website.

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Best Van Leasing

A van is a great choice of automobile especially for those who have lots of things to pick and deliver at a personal level or a business level. The vans can however be expensive to own which is where van leasing comes into the picture. With the leasing, you will have a van given to you on hire. You will get to use the van for the agreed period of time normally ranging from two years to five years.

During the lease period, you will be expected to make monthly payment for the lease and then return the van at the end of the lease period. When returning the car, your leasing company will give you the option to renew the contract and lease a new van or purchase the van at a price that is quite friendly. The decision at this juncture will solely depend on you and what you are looking for as well as the needs that you have.

When seeking the van leases, you will need to ensure that you have everything well detailed and thought out. It can be costly to miss an important point as far as the van lease is concerned. Therefore, you can start by finding the best leasing company. The company should have terms and charges that you can work with and reap the value of the van throughout the period. The reputation of a leasing company can give you the insight that you need in making the right decision.

Vans are of different kinds and makes. You therefore will get the very best from the leasing when you know the exact type that you need. It could be determined by your personal or business needs. Luckily, the leasing companies out there have almost everything that you could be looking for and will even stock new models to meet with the demands. The companies normally work hand in hand with automobile dealerships which also sell the vans to them when there is need.

Apart from choosing the best model of the van, you will need to ensure that it is in perfect condition and is roadworthy. It is advisable to go for new vans as they eliminate any mechanical issues and other kinds of frustrations. Be sure to also check on the mileage for the lease period and the fees so that you can negotiate the areas that you feel need improvements.

Van Leasng

Vans come in handy especially in businesses and organizations dealing with different kinds of services and products. While some will prefer having their own vans or even a fleet of vans, it is a situation that comes with its own challenges. For instance, you will have to deal with repair costs on the vans and other issues such as wears and tears. Fortunately, owning a van is not the only option to your situation.

Van leasing could be the solution you have been looking for. It is an option that will give you the chance to enjoy a new van without having to worry about the many issues that come attached with purchasing one and maintaining it for that matter. The van leases are very popular today and you will find very good schemes made possible by the leasing companies thereby meeting with all the needs that you could be facing. The van lease period can be anything from two years to even five years meaning that you will also get the chance to slowly prepare financially before deciding that you are ready to purchase and own a van.

The van leasing options will also give you the chance to purchase the van after the expiry of the lease period at a price that is of course affordable. Most people get used to their vehicles after long use and may find it hard to get rid of them hence the chance given to you to purchase the van could be the option to keeping the attachment that you have with your van. Leasing a van will give you the ability to enjoy a van that way above your normal range of price hence there is benefit in taking advantage of the leases,

The lease contract will come complete with terms of catering for the maintenance of the van thereby cutting your costs greatly. The package will take care of the repairs and wears on the van and all will be taken care of under the monthly payment that you make for the lease. It is a great advantage over purchasing of a new van. The market now has all van leasing option so whether you are looking for one van for your personal or business needs or even a fleet of vans, you will find the best leasing scheme to meet the requirements that you have. It could be your solution.

How Conversion Vans Can Help Athletes Win the Race

High school and college athletic teams frequently travel to other schools for games and competitions. While some sports focus on one game, the track and field team competes in several events at once. Each student specializes in different activities, such as the discus, shotput, running relays, distance, hurdle and sprinter events. For some schools, getting the team to these competitions can be challenging. Unless the team has a bus or a van, students, parents and coaches have to drive their own vehicles. This can result in discomfort, confusion and stress on the road. Stressed out athletes are not focused on the track meet, but on traffic, travel and sore legs. This will affect their competitive edge and can cause poor performance. Custom conversion vans have become the ride of choice for high school and college track and field teams.
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Choose Suitable Van Rentals To Travel Comfortably

Having two vehicles that the entire track team can fit into helps the team stay together and minimizes problems encountered with driving private vehicles or getting lost while caravanning. Athletes can spend time focusing on the meet, rather than the road. Specialized layouts for seating, watching film and listening to music is combined with decor in team colors to promote school spirit.

The track and field team needs extra room for equipment. Most students bring their field shoes to change into and wear warm-up suits and street shoes en route. As a result, there must be enough room in the high school or university sports teams' vans for each team member's equipment and a change of shoes or clothes. Custom conversion vans can be designed with special storage compartments for shoe bags, field equipment and scoring sheets.

Sitting in comfort is more than a matter of personal preference. The air conditioning or heat is important to keep athletes' bodies at an optimal temperature to avoid sweating and dehydration. A vehicle that is too cold will cause a longer warm-up time, especially for the hurdler and pole vaulter. For the distance runner or sprinter, conversion vans are the preferred method of travel. Athletes have a chance to sit comfortably. These custom vans offer extended bench seating length and extra space between seats. There is enough leg room so that students can spend a few hours on the road without circulation problems or cramping their legs.

When traveling to a track and field meet at another school, comfortable group transportation is a necessity for comfort and high performance. For the discus thrower, hurdler, distance runner and sprinter, vans are the preferred method of travel. They can make the difference between winning and losing a race.

Factors to Consider When Buying Jeep Accessories

Jeeps were originally designed to be used during war, owing to their durability and strength. But due to there functionality, they gained more popularity as a number of Jeep enthusiasts  discovered how fun they could be, and this in turn increased the demand for Jeeps and Jeep accessories.

Purchasing the right Jeep accessories can be an up hill task, especially if you are working on tight budget and you are not sure of what designs would match your Jeep. It is very important to get the right accessories for your Jeep to ensure that it always looks stylish and stays in the right working condition. There is a wide variety of Jeep parts and accessories, ranging from replacement belts to even more specialty items such as the lift kits and so on.

However, when you finally set off to purchase parts for your Jeep, the first thing that should come to mind is the primary use for the ride. Jeep parts and accessories vary depending on usage. Here are three main pointers on which accessories are best suited for your overall driving needs.

    Doors-  a number of Jeep owners in warmer areas like taking off their hard doors and in turn replacing them with lighter soft doors or sometime half doors. This kind of replacement will affect the safety of your Jeep and should be keenly looked into before such changes are made on your Jeep to that effect.

    Tops- if you have a Jeep with a removable top then you may be interested in buying a different design. There are a variety of designs available for tops that can be bought after- market ranging from bikini tops to soft tops. And you don't have to worry about installation, because they are relatively easy fix and can even be done by just an individual.
    Tires- with off-road driving in the city can pose as a great challenge. If you are a resident of areas with snowy winter seasons, then you should go for all weather tires. This ensures that you have an added traction that are required if you are driving in the snow. If you are planning to use your Jeep, primarily as a city motor but then again would like to take it off-road from time and again then you should think of installing an all-traction tire. This will adequately provide you with the required traction for both the city and your off-road driving.

Jeep accessories are specially designed to improve your driving experience and to ensure that you get the desired comfort and the same time keeps your Jeep in perfect condition. So when you finally decide to pimp your Jeep, ensure that you purchase the right accessories.

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Important Performance Chips for Your Car

Power chips and superchargers are two important performance chips that greatly enhance the power of the car. You can get them installed quite easily with the help from the experts.

There are two important performance chips, power chips and supercharges, that are widely used by the car owners across the world because of their ability to generate more power with the relatively lesser consumption of fuel. Power chips were used in car racing to boost the acceleration and speed of the concerned cars and that was achieved by efficient calibration of the engines. These chips gather the engine's data from the Electronic Control Unit which is processed and some special settings for the engine are achieved which results in greater power generation in the engine.

Some power chips available in the market optimize the power output for full power band and not just the engine's throttle that may have a significant outcome on the engine's power. You do not expect the car to vroom just when started but it goes through several subtle variations from the time it is started to the time it comes to a halt. Power chips and superchargers are two important performance chips that greatly enhance the power of the car. The software in these power chips analyzes and adjusts the setting so that you get the optimum power throughout the drive.

Superchargers are another performance oriented chips that have been popular among the car owners. They efficiently use air compressor to achieve the forced induction of engines that subsequently helps in enhancing the performance of the engine. These superchargers come in two variations, positive displacement and dynamic compressors. The first one provides continuous boost (it is the pressure provided by the superchargers)) to the engine irrespective of the RPM (Rotation per Minute) whereas the second one provides the boost depending on the RPM, greater the RPM greater will be the boost.

"Turbo charger" is another refined and efficient variation of "supercharger" which is generally driven by the pressure generated by the exhaust gases. Though these are commonly used in racing cars but off late, many performance-oriented cars are also seen to be using these. These Engine performance chips are not too costly but their effects on the car are quite significant and they are mostly being sought by car enthusiasts who admire performance and power of the car. They are readily available in the market and you should seek expert's service in their successful installation.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for top quality performance parts.

Who Built the First V-8 Engine?

The V-8 is so ubiquitous an engine design that we sometimes don't fully appreciate its long history and tides of favour and obscurity. The '55-'57 Chevrolet crowd act as if the first V-8 emerged, fully formed, in the 1955 Chevrolet. That was and still is an excellent engine design, but it's by far not the first V-8, nor even the first overhead valve V-8.

Chevrolet itself first came out with an overhead-valve V-8 model in 1917, but it was not commercially successful in its price range and disappeared from the market after 1918.

Lincoln has used V-8s throughout its long history, right from 1920 and Henry Leland's high-precision, high quality, 60° bent eight. It's true that Lincoln dropped the V-8 from 1933 to 1948, but this was in favour of a series of V-12s!

Cadillac introduced the first commercially successful V-8 engine in 1913, in a one-two punch following the introduction of the first, modern, electric self-starter in 1912. These moves certainly boosted Cadillac's fortunes and prompted a raft of other V-8 powered American cars - some with proprietary units offered by engine makers, others designing their very own. In fact, every General Motors make except Buick tried out at least one V-8 model in the 1917-1918 period, in an effusive but brief embrace of this engine type.

Still, Cadillac was not the first to market with a V-8 engined model. Consider the pioneering French automaker DeDion Bouton, which brought out their first V-8 for 1910. So long wedded to the twin cylinder engine type, the factory had to move with the times to four-cylinder engines, then a sort of twin-four. The DeDion V-8 was less efficient than a four-cylinder engine of the same cubic displacement, so it was obvious that more engineering was required. This never happened, as DeDion Bouton was unable to finance this much-needed research. Therefore, the French company pulled its unsuccessful V-8 models from the market, and so passed the baton to Cadillac.

And yet, was DeDion Bouton the first auto manufacturer to sell a V-8 model? No indeed. We have to paddle further upstream in the river of automobile history.

In 1909-10 there was the Coyote Eight, built in Redondo Beach, California of all places. It was said to have a 50 hp eight - but was it a Vee or straight eight? Probably a Vee, but few would have been made.

It was 1906 when the British car maker Adams announced a V-8 model, to add to its line of twins and fours. These touring cars could be recognised by the radiator outline spelling out a big capital 'A' in polished brass.

The 35/40hp V-8 engine was based on the Antoinette aero engine, for which Adams were the British agents. This French unit was designed for service equally in automobiles and aeroplanes and could be found in fairly successful monoplanes of the same name. Antoinette monoplanes competed in the Rheims, France aero meeting in 1909 - the first such international event.

The Adams V-8 was raised to 60 bhp and was offered from 1906 through 1909. Crankshaft breakages plagued the model and it was withdrawn.

Henry Royce had come out with three-cylinder and four-cylinder models in his early experimental phase, but realised that the future lay in multiple cylinder engines. This was particularly after his teaming up with The Hon. C.S. Rolls, who knew what the wealthy English buyer wanted in cars, Rolls being an enthusiast and car dealer himself. Royce's next creation was the Rolls-Royce Legalimit V-8 of 1905, a low-slung roadster with its engine governed to the prevailing speed limit in Great Britain of 20 mph, hence the name. Then as now, no one wanted a car that was hobbled to miserable and arbitrary speed limits, and thus not more than three examples were built. None survive.

Another British car maker introduced a V-8 car in 1905 - Leader. This now obscure Nottingham-based company fielded a range of 4-cylinder models from 1 ½ to 7 ½ litres capacity. As if they wished to lead in all markets, Leader also made not one but two V-8 models - the 60hp with 9.428 Litres capacity and the 90hp with a giant 15.934 litres size. The 90hp may well have been the largest V-8 ever produced for a passenger car - and it may have been the earliest! Since in those days, you were lucky to get 10 actual horsepower from every litre of engine volume, 90 from 15 litres seems about right.

Leader re-organised itself and from 1906 all its cars were named New Leader. It continued a slew of 4-cylinder models over its final two years, adding a tiny 3-cylinder car for good measure. A last 8-cylinder car was produced for 1906 as the 70/90hp, with a similar 15.511 litre swept volume, but it is unclear whether this was in a Vee or a straight configuration.

Going back further in time, America's Marmon tried to market an air-cooled V-8 in 1904, though this may only have remained at one prototype. Marmon meanwhile continued selling V-4 engined cars, still air-cooled. Perhaps Howard Marmon felt confident enough to return to the V-8 in 1906, when a special 60 hp model was announced, priced at a cool $5,000. It was a lot of money for what must have looked like an experimental model, so sales were minuscule and it was withdrawn in 1908.

Without considering the Ader racing car of 1904, can we find any earlier road cars with V-8 engines? No - that's it. The crown goes to Howard Marmon and his 1904 prototype or limited production offering, which may have originated from two of his V-4s being adapted into a single engine unit.

Just out of interest, can we answer the question of whether anyone built any eight-cylinder road car before this? To coin a phrase, yes we can.

Charron, Girardot & Voight (C.G.V.) of France built a straight-8 prototype in 1902 or 1903! It was actually gearless and billed as such, having been assumed that there was so much torque at all speeds, there was no need for a gearbox. This in-line eight would probably have been built up of two four-cylinder engines. Many manufacturers at this time still assembled their engines from separately cast cylinders, so building up an engine in this way was not out of the question. The long, unbalanced crankshaft must have whipped around like a skipping rope, more even than the new six-cylinder Napier with its infamous 'power rattle'. It is not known if any copies of the C.G.V. eight were built. Considering the engineering problems to be overcome and the state of the automotive art at the time, a straight-eight in 1903 was well before its time.

So our journey back in time ends here, as so many ideas from the automotive world do, with the pioneering French at the very dawn of the motor car.

Igor Spajic writes on antique, vintage and classic cars and other subjects. He contributes to a website ( ) which is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of antique and vintage cars. This article is reproduced there with photos and additional material.

Clement-Bayard: The Chevalier's Roadster

Seen at the 2012 Motorfest in Sydney, Australia, was a 1911 Clement-Bayard roadster, painted in crimson with black mudguards. It was bright, quirky and small.

Named for a famous knight, the Chevalier de Bayard, a French hero from the age of chivalry, and also named after Gustav-Adolphe Clement (the manufacturer), the Clement-Bayard was a high-quality small car, built in Paris, France. Clement (the man) had left the Clement company in 1903, and formed the Clement-Bayard company, but since he lost the right to name the cars after himself, changed his own name to Clement-Bayard.

The Clement-Bayard was founded upon the one- and two-cylinder engines made by DeDion Bouton. Indeed, most of the European auto industry in the 1890s and early 1900s was based on engines supplied by DeDion Bouton, or made under licence to them, or frankly copied from them. Thus, it could be said, that these engines helped to give birth to the world automobile industry.

The car I admired is probably a two-cylinder 7hp or four-cylinder 8hp engine of around 1 litre, bolted to the gearbox. The coal scuttle bonnet hiding the engine was a trademark of more than one manufacturer of the time, though we generally associate it with Renault. The radiator is therefore mounted to the firewall, peeking out on either side of the engine cover.

Speaking of trademarks, the noble Chevalier himself was depicted in badges and as a mascot figure on Clement-Bayard cars. A statue of the chevalier sans pour et sans reproache, even stood outside the Clement-Bayard factory.

Where are the instruments? The dashboard on this car is noticeably bare, with little more than a fuel tank and a brake pedal. With the throttle taken care of by a steering wheel mounted control, the absence of a clutch pedal usually means a two-speed epicyclic gearbox, like the Ford Model T's. Some basic instruments, like an ammeter and a speedometer, would have been welcome, I'm sure.

A series of lithographic posters were issued before World War I to market the Clement-Bayard. The reproduction I saw (mounted proudly on the windscreen of the little roadster) showed a Clement-Bayard tourer in an action pose, pacing a zeppelin airship and carrying a carload of French military officers. Would the French army have used the little cars on vigorous military manoeuvres? With a mere two cylinders and about only 12 real horsepower, I doubt it.

This little Clement-Bayard is undoubtedly a fine example of a light car, with the smaller twin-cylinder 7hp cars having a single transverse leaf spring at the rear, while the larger (or less small) 8hp four-cylinder car used half elliptics all round.

As a simple and light-weight car, the Clement-Bayard can be thought of as the Austin Seven of its day in pre-First World War France. A utility vehicle, it never had fancy leather upholstery or even lining inside the bodywork, nor detailed brass trim in the cab.

The main factory was in Levallois Perret, a suburb of Paris near the banks of the Seine, west of the centre of the city. While the cars were assembled in the Paris factory, a secondary factory in Mezieres in the Ardennes region, (known still as 'La Macerienne'), was a heavy manufacturing plant with foundry and forge facilities where major components were made.

The Paris factory was sold in the mid 1920s to André Citroen, allegedly because the factory bore a huge monogram 'AC'. Adolphe Clement rang his friend and suggested he buy the factory because they shared the same initials, and could move right in without modification! This ultimately became famous as the home of the long lasting Citroen 2CV, and was used until the late 1970s, when it was sold for redevelopment. A block of flats now occupies the site. The factory in Mezieres is still largely intact, except for the foundry building, which was demolished some years ago.

Gustav-Adolphe Clement and his extraordinary career in bicycles, cars, commercial vehicles and aviation, particularly airships, is still largely unwritten and unrecorded. His family still lives in the house near Pierrefonds bought by Adolphe after he sold the Clediaber business (an amalgamation of Clement, Gladiator and Humber companies) to a group of French industrialists in 1903. The Clement house still looks largely as it did at the turn of the 20th century. It is now run as a 'Hotel de Charme' these days

Gustav-Adolphe Clement (later Clement-Bayard) led a remarkable life, and his achievements are almost too many to list, but history has been less kind to him than he deserves. As yet, there is no definitive history of him or his marque. It's still a story that deserves to be told.

Igor Spajic writes on antique, vintage and classic cars and other subjects. He contributes to a website ( ) which is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of antique and vintage cars.

The Misspent Youth of Gottlieb Daimler

You never would have known from the widely-reproduced photos of the balding, elderly man that Gottlieb Daimler was ever young. I have imagined a rare portrait of the youthful engineering student and apprentice, with his carefully groomed, wavy hair.

Engineers will tell you that the fluted radiator on Daimler cars is designed to provide a greater surface area for the dissipation of the coolant water's heat. Looking at this portrait of young Gottlieb though, with his ordered waves of hair in a fluted style, the true origin of this famous feature becomes obvious.

We can imagine Gottlieb Daimler around the middle of the nineteenth century. He has been lately apprenticed to a gunsmith and studied hard at the Swabian Polytechnic. Once lessons were over, with cane in hand and bowler hat set at a jaunty angle, he would go out with his mates to shoot some pool, drink lots of beer and chat up girls.

Then there was Daimler's friend Wilhelm 'Sharp Willi' Maybach. Even as a student, he was renowned for his amazing feats of engineering. For example, Maybach could construct a house of cards with one hand while drinking beer with the other. He could also erode his opponents' money in card games. They were only suffering 'frictional losses' according to 'Sharp Willi'.

Many were the times when the saloons in Gottlieb's town would reverberate to the raucous laughter of engineering students, as Daimler would tell jokes not repeatable in polite company, such as the one about the actress and the bishop, and how they applied the four-stroke cycle.

A practical joker, Daimler was almost sacked from his employ at the English Armstrong-Whitworth factory for his demonstration of 'quick detachable petticoats' on the unsuspecting tea lady. Later, of course, someone remembered the stunt, and developed the detachable wheel rims that revolutionised tyre changing.

Once, while working at the Deutz Gasmotoren-Fabrik stationary engine plant, Daimler and Maybach hooked up an engine to a little wagon, and the stationary engine was stationary no more. The contraption chugged randomly about the yard but the prank had a loftier purpose.

Gottlieb had dreamed of a mobile, personal horseless carriage, with which he could travel to various nearby towns and romance a girl in each of them. Sort of like a sailor's girl in every port. What happens in another county doesn't count, so he might have thought.

Wilhelm 'Sharp Willi' Maybach merely wanted a fast getaway car to escape the wrath of offended gamblers who realised they'd been cheated at cards by his 'skilled engineering'.

The Deutz-built Otto engines had used a crude form of ignition. A slide valve opened a port into the cylinder at the correct time to expose the fuel-air mixture to a flame. Gottlieb joked about this system having the surprise but ultimate ineffectiveness of a flasher.

Setting up on their own at Cannstatt in 1882, Daimler and Maybach developed a more efficient form of ignition for their engines. A hollow platinum tube was kept incandescent by a burner outside the cylinder head and inserted into the cylinder. With this hot tube ignition, they were able to construct engines which could turn at the then unheard of rate of 700-900 rpm.

The Benny Hill of nineteenth century engineers, Gottlieb Daimler still delighted in blue double entendres even in later life. For example, when other early car manufacturers moved towards electric sparking plugs for ignition in the 1890s, he persisted with the simpler hot tube system. It is suspected that this is more because the now elderly Daimler could continue sniggering about causing 'ignition' by 'inserting his hot tube.'

History records that Emil Jellinek (who held the Daimler concession for the wealthy Cote d'Azur area), claimed that, provided Maybach could re-design the 1900 Phonix model into a sleeker car with a more powerful engine, he could sell thirty of them without any trouble. He also stipulated that they were to be sold under the 'Mercedes' brand. This was not, as was reported, because he feared sales resistance from the Germanic sounding name of Daimler.

Apparently, a little before his death, the Jellinek family had met with Daimler at his home in Cannstatt. After luncheon, the elderly engineer had invited Jellinek's teenage daughter Mercedes to 'sit beside Uncle Gottlieb' and to 'pull his finger.'

The resulting flatulent sound effect amused no one and Jellinek swore that he could not sell any more Daimler cars, unless they were re-named.

In hindsight, it's just as well that Gottlieb Daimler was long gone before 1931, or he would have made some truly awful, off-colour jokes about Daimler's new gearbox with 'fluid coupling'...

These anecdotes about the antics of the young (and old) Gottlieb Daimler might or might not be history. Only the facts are true.

Igor Spajic writes on antique, vintage and classic cars and other subjects. He contributes to a website ( ) which is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of antique and vintage cars. Additional photos for this article can be found there.

2012 Hyundai Azera - Review

The 2012 Hyundai Azera looks like a bigger Sonata or a front-axle drive version of the Genesis sedan. From what meets the eye, one might wonder why Hyundai might be producing another full sized sedan for a company that already has two successful lines now. If you get to have a closer look at Azera, you will realize that this is not just another full sized sedan. This article seeks to unlock some of the features of Azera that make it stand out.


Hyundai continues to beat expectations when it comes to adding style to its cars. With Azera, Hyundai has kept the tradition of sculpting a beautiful car with the benefits of fuel economy. Its exterior measures 193 inches long and 73 inches wide, 4 inches wider and an inch longer than its predecessor, the Sonata. It still sports the chrome grill but the wrap around LED tail light is unique to Azera. It features 18'' wheels with 245/45 tires which come as standard edition.

Additional features

It also comes with heated front and rear seats, backup camera, navigation and integrated blue tooth. All these are part of standard edition. For an additional $4000, you get to have bigger 19-inch rims, tilt and slide sunroof, Infinity audio system, ventilated front seats and a power rear sunshade.

To provide a composed driving experience, Azera has standard ABS with a multi-link independent rear system alongside disc brakes and struts with coil springs. The driving experience measures up to standard Ford Taurus or Toyota Avlon.


The 2012 Hyundai Azera is only available as a 3.3 liter V6 with a six speed automatic transmission. The engine provides 293 horsepower, which is a weak link of the car. Every driver who has sat behind the wheel of Azera is quick to conclude that its 293 horse power is not quite enough. Keeping up with the tradition of fuel economy of Hyundai cars, Azera provides 20 miles on a gallon for city drive and can go a further 29 miles with the gallon on the highway.

The 2012 Hyundai Azera is a complete hot cake back in Korea and has been in American show rooms ever since the March of this year. The Azera is finding more and more customers loving the finesse of this car with good fuel economy. It also comes as a cheaper option as compared to its other full sized luxury sedan counterparts with just one drawback, the lack of more power.


• Good fuel economy
• Value for money
• Loads of style
• Plenty of performance


• Still a boring ride to drive, needs more power


This is a good car meant for the executives who want to cut costs but still want to maintain style.

Charlie Scott Howard is from Phoenix, Arizona. He has established himself as a must read author when it comes to getting information on Hyundai cars. If you desire to buy a Hyundai from AZ, you must read Howard's articles. for more info visit You'll be amazed to see an extraordinary inventory of Hyundai cars.

Grab the Best Offer at an Auto Transport Company

Relocating from one place to another has become an important reason for population increase. It has not only leaded to increase of population but also to increase in the transport companies. These transport companies help the people while relocating their houses, cars or offices. Earlier this business was not so popular but it has been developed in a very fast pace recent years.

When you browse through internet in search of the best transport company you will be provided with number of companies which leads you in confusion by selecting which company for shipping. You might be provided with number of options in selecting the best company but selecting the best out of them becomes the difficult task. Choose a company which has employed only highly trained employees having best experience and knowledge to handle your car with great concern.

When looking for a transporting company it is better to prefer the company which provides you with best deals. These auto transporters may quote different charges and therefore it is your task to negotiate for the best one. Notify them with the day of moving and ensure with them the day of delivering your vehicle and also let them know the kind of car you shipping and the method of shipping your car, be it opened or enclosed.

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions of all the documents thoroughly and carefully of the auto shipping company. It is your duty to inquire about all the safety measures needed, the insurance provided and the penalties that are to be handled to you in case of mishandling your vehicle.

Inquire about the form of payment that is practiced in the auto transporting company. Few auto transporters are comfortable with credit cards but few accept transactions only from bank wire. These are few things that have to be inquired before hand. Verify with the details about the transport companies before booking your transportation.

It is advisable to read the testimonials or blogs of it. Research on the web about the profile of the company. Check the rating provided for the company by the people. If only you are fully convinced about the company move with it else it is better to look in for an other company which suits your deals best.

If you are relocating your car for the first time it would be difficult for you to part from it but it is advisable to relocate it with the help of the Professional transporters since they take care of your car in the best way possible and also you can be out of stress.

It is advisable to get auto moving quotes to get the best deal since this will assist you to find the exact shipping company to ship your car. Moving cannot be done within a short span of time as it requires more time and effort.

Thus it is better to know the moving quotes by which the you can get to know the exact relocation prices. Hence these tips provided you knowledge about the things to be done while shipping keep in mind and enjoy shipping your car in the best and safe way possible.

The Cost Of Muscle Car Restoration

This is a question that I get all of the time; what is the cost of a muscle car restoration. The problem with giving a definite answer is that there is no way I can do it. First of all it's not like collision repair where you have a complete system of parts and the times to install them.

Along with general times to repair certain parts of the car. There are just to many factors involved in restoring the classic car, or muscle car. There is no way to simply add times to do certain processes, and install parts.

In a restoration you will be repairing, or replacing most of the parts on the car. It's not just body repair and paint, it's mechanical repair, electrical repair, interior repair, it is not one parts of the car but all parts of the car.

The only way to know what needs to be done on the car is to inspect it first, then start the tare down process. At this point in time the work has already begun on the car, and you have a vested interest to complete the project.

Believe me what they tare your car down to inspect the parts of it and determine what needs to be done, they will find a lot of things to fix. That is what a restoration shop does for a living, they find things that need to be restored, and they restore them.

You need to be prepared for anything that might happen during the restoration process. The cost of a muscle car restoration depends on the extent of the repair work that needs to be done. The price goes up the more that they find to repair.

They might even have to hand build parts for your car if they can't locate them. This is a time consuming process if it needs to be done. In most cases you can find the parts in the after market; these days most parts are re-produced.

I can't explain to you the time involved in bending custom brake lines, and fuel lines to perfectly fit a restoration, or custom car project. There is so much to be done, and in areas that you can't possibly see without tearing in to the car.

I can see rust as it forms on the outside of a car, but think about on the pinch welds of your car. A pinch weld is a weld where two or more panels are joined together. There is absolutely no way to see what's going on in those areas.

How about between your trunk floor and the frame of your car. This is only visible after the trunk floor has been removed.

This is just the start of the things that aren't visible to your naked eye when restoring a classic car, or classic muscle car; there is no way to estimate the cost of a muscle car restoration.

Locating Second Hand Cars

Many people make the mistake of buying brand new cars when they could be saving a huge amount of money by picking out second hand cars. Second hand cars, or cars owned by someone else previously, are much cheaper than brand new cars, and they hold their value better as well. The first and most important step to getting a second hand car, is locating one. With this guide you should be able to find the car you want for a halfway decent price.

One of the best places to look for a second hand car is the classified ads of your local paper. Papers list new cars on a weekly basis and many of them are listed at pretty affordable prices. Simply grab a few papers once a week and look at the listings that they have. If any of them look decent call the numbers listed with the vehicles.

If looking through papers isn't working out, or you simply don't want to wait for the right car to come along, you can look on the internet instead. Craigslist is one of the best places to start off your search. They have a huge number of listings, it's completely free to use, and the listings are updated several times a day so that you can keep track of the newest vehicles.

While Craigslist is nice there isn't always as much variety as you may be looking for. Common cars are easy to find there, but less common cars may be more difficult. For those you can look at some of the more car specific websites. You may have to travel a little farther to get your hands on the cars listed at these sites however.

There are many free car specific websites across the internet that will help you find vehicles in your general area. These sites are great because they let you enter a search criteria when you first start looking for a vehicle. That means that you can quickly find the car that you want, without having to worry about sifting through a bunch of other vehicles that you aren't interested in.

On top of having great search filters for make and model you can also have them determine the closest cars to you so that you don't have to travel as much for your vehicle that you decide to buy. This means that not only can you take the cost of the vehicle into consideration, but you can get a car that is much closer to you even if it does cost a little more money.

There are plenty of different online car sites, but it pays to use several of them to make sure that you are getting the best possible deals that you can be.

Locating second hand cars is pretty simple after you understand where you should be looking for them. Follow these guidelines and you should be able to find the car you want in no time.

How to Choose a Professional Driving Instructor

A good driving school program should inform, train, and put the person behind the wheel without crashes. With hundreds of deals in the course program, with differences in curriculum and length of the program, what is the needed length of a driving education program? How many days you need to spend in order to finish the course? Will it alter your normal schedules?

These are just normal questions that are raised by a person who wants to get a good learning on how to drive well without crashes - and eventually learn the defensive driving. The necessity of spending time in the driving school has made things more complicated and needful to proper time consideration. To say, the problem is not about the length of the program, but the knowledge that you will be able to learn throughout the driving education program.

Length of Programs

The shortest possible program that one can enroll lasts 4-6 weeks with considerable number of hours every day. This program has been commonly and popularly chosen by most student-drivers because of the short length. It is a great opportunity to learn how to drive defensively without going over the lengthy program.

However, a consideration to the length must be proportioned to the ability of the person, or to his or her experience. It is not easy to equate the number of hours that a zero-knowledge driver should take and another who already has a good experience in driving around the neighborhood. To say, it is necessary to find a good program that can address the need of the person for the driving education program within the length of the period that is worth for the person's knowledge.

On the other hand, it is very important to consider the number of hours that the student-driver will be allowed to drive around with the supervision of the instructor. It is the ground or foundation of everything. Even if the person can pass the examination for the rules and regulations after taking a program from a driving school, without the ability to drive, all are ruined.

Curriculum that must be tackled

On the other hand, it is very important to understand that the length of the course must discuss every single detail of the driving education program. What are the subjects that will be tackled by the course program?

The primary section of the driving school education program is the rules and regulations of the road. Familiarization with the traffic laws is a framework together with the signals and signs that must be properly addressed. On the other hand, defensive driving training must be properly discussed and applied by the person.

A Good Course Result

The result of the program is the determining factor of how well the driving school course length works. If the person cannot pass the examination given by the license department, the program fails. On the other hand, if the person will still crash on other cars and properties when driving, everything is ruined. This is the case and truth of getting the length of a course program given.

In fact, the reputation of a driving school can be equated directly with the number of crashes and accidents former students face. It is necessary to understand how the driving educations push for the best potential of the person in driving safely.

In choosing the right length the driving education program that you want to take, it is necessary to look at your own capability. If you are still a novice in driving, it is very great to get a lengthy course program from a driving school.

The Online Driver's Ed section of our site provides information on online drivers education courses across the United States. Whether you are over the age of 55 seeking a mature drivers course, are an eager young person looking for a teen drivers course, or you have a traffic violation that requires you to go to traffic school, Wanna drive is committed to providing you with the information necessary to select the driver education course that is right for you.

Pros of the Online Driving School

Do you want to get the driving education from the online driving school? Online driving education has gained popularity and fame with the advent of the new technologies that are out in the market. Online driving education utilizes the modern technologies which aim of giving the best provision.

Mainly, convenience is a name of the online driving school. A driver can learn how to drive without getting much of the live driving school. You can learn how to drive in the comfort of your home. The comfort of your home can give you the chance to expand your time with your family and friends.

On the other hand, you will be able to get the most of learning without leaving your home. You don't need to take your bathed. You can always get the most of learning without leaving your bed and your pajamas. Learning how to drive through online driving school can give you the best comfort.

Secondly, you can learn how drive without the need of wasting your money for transportation. You can always save your money from the gas that you should have filled in going back and forth on the driving school.

In the same manner, it will save your time with so much consideration. It is necessary to get the most of the driving education through the online driving school without being pressured of your schedule. You are the master of your own time. You can always learn according to your pace. You don't have to make the worst of pressure out of the mindset and commands of the professional driving instructor.

Thirdly, you don't need to take the chance to make the worst of distractions from others. Distractions from other people in the classroom may bar you from learning. Online driving education does not need to have other student drivers around you. You can learn how to drive by yourself. You will not be annoyed by the behaviors of other people within the classroom. To say, it will save you from the stress of the day.

Fourth, online driving education allows you to get the good education provision without making the worst of being stuck with learning of others. You can proceed to other subjects as much as you want. It will help you in getting the most of the driving education according to the pace that you want.

And lastly, you can save much money. Yes, compared with the live driving school, online driving education can give you the best chance to learn how to drive without paying much. Online education saves you the cost of the live classroom, a professional driving instructor, and the worst of paper materials.

With the online driving education from a good driving school, you will be able to make much of the insurance discounts that you can have. It would be great to handle the worst of insurance through the cheap driving education course that you can get from the driving school.

The Online Driver's Ed section of our site provides information on online drivers education courses across the United States. Whether you are over the age of 55 seeking a mature drivers course, are an eager young person looking for a teen drivers course, or you have a traffic violation that requires you to go to traffic school, Wanna drive is committed to providing you with the information necessary to select the driver education course that is right for you.

Reasons for Traffic Violation Ticket Dismissal

When the trooper pulls you out of the road, the traffic ticket is expected. The traffic ticket is the evidence of a traffic violation that you have committed. Of course, you learned from the driving school the different violations of the road. The most common violations include over speeding, changing lanes, DUI, and inappropriate parking. Each violation has its own fine and penalty as duly stipulated by the state's Department of Motor Vehicle.

Each time you receive a traffic ticket, a record is logged in the driving history. When the driver's license is issued a driving history is also created. In the driving history, traffic violations and pertinent information are logged for the reference of the state, insurance companies, and other concerned parties.
Of course, the outright way for you to eliminate traffic violation is to pay the fine and penalties of the traffic ticket. However, the traffic fine and penalties can go so hefty, much more if you have a pile of tickets that you would be pay large amount of money to take care of all the tickets.

There are states that allow the elimination of the traffic ticket by attending the traffic school online driver's education. Other states would only allow the reduction of the fines and penalties. In the same note, there are states that erase the traffic log in the driving history, but there are specific traffic violations that will stay forever in the traffic record, as reference of actions in the future.

However, if you think that the violation you make is logged to your driving history without specific and valid reason, you may appeal for the elimination of the violation ticket. The first consideration is a faulty traffic ticket. A ticket shows wrong information about the person's driver's license. If the driver's license is logged with considerable mistake it is considered invalid with an outright claim of the person. This is an automatic decision of the court without the necessity of attending the online driver's education.

In the case of the first timer offenders, the court can be sympathetic with the person. However, you need to rely on your luck that your appeal will lodge on the desk of a liberal judge. A clean traffic record can help you to reduce and eliminate the traffic violation through the appeal of the judge. There are also times that the judge requires the attendance and completion of the online driver's education for a speedy action for the appeal.

Most of the times, traffic tickets are just mailed to your box. By providing convincing proof of the mistake, you may sway the court to favor your side. There is a provision that can be issued with mistakes and malice. Through the court, the person can appeal for the right decision.

Online driver's education still remains a great choice for any person who wants to get out from the worst impacts of the traffic ticket. Choose the right traffic school, and you will be out of the traffic violation mess after the completion of the online driver's education course.

The Online Driver's Ed section of our site provides information on online drivers education courses across the United States. Whether you are over the age of 55 seeking a mature drivers course, are an eager young person looking for a teen drivers course, or you have a traffic violation that requires you to go to traffic school, Wanna drive is committed to providing you with the information necessary to select the driver education course that is right for you.

Renewing Your License - Get a Good Driving Course

In the United States, most of the driver's license must be renewed every two years. It is necessary to renew the driver's license to continue enjoying the benefits of the driving privilege. The right time to renew the license is a month before the expiration. It will save you from the hassle of not having a license if there are problems with the renewal; and it will save you from penalties or fines.

However, before you renew, it is essential to have an initial license issued to you. For a note, the learner's permit or the intermediate license is not renewable. Only the graduated driver's license, either commercial or non-commercial, is renewable with the issuing the DMV or state. Of course, in getting the license, it is necessary to pass all the examinations that are required by the state after getting a clear online driver's education as part of the preparation period.

To be noted, you cannot renew the driver's license issued by a state with another state. You should contact the DMV in your area for the clear renewal processes. Each state may require different documents or different preparatory education.

Of course, in renewing your license, you need to bring with you the expiring driver's license - and the pertinent identification documents as probity. It is either you appear before the driver's license office or just renew through online application. For those who are living in military based outside the United States, they are using the online renewal, as much as they utilize the online driver's education.

The online driver's education can be required by the state for the renewal of the driver's license with the recommendation of the DMV, as per cases. These recommendations are based on the traffic record you have accumulated during the past period. It is necessary to attend the online driver's education to continue enjoying your privilege. Otherwise, it is impossible to be back on the road with the legal recognition.

For those who need to replace their license due to lost or thief, check with the local DMV for the clarification. But most of the states follow the same procedure as with the renewal. You still need to present the identification documents for verification. But in cases of frequent lost, it is necessary to attach affidavit of loss for the legal affirmation.

In the same manner, for the transfer of the license, attending the online driver's education is a top thing. Passing the driving examination is still a necessary part of the requirement. It is very important to keep up with what the state requires. Do not attempt to use your driver's license from another state within the new state you are in.

For a note, there are states that allow the usage of certain state driver's license within their jurisdiction. You check the state you are in if your driver's license is still applicable in the area.

The Online Driver's Ed section of our site provides information on online drivers education courses across the United States. Whether you are over the age of 55 seeking a mature drivers course, are an eager young person looking for a teen drivers course, or you have a traffic violation that requires you to go to traffic school, Wanna drive is committed to providing you with the information necessary to select the driver education course that is right for you.

Alternative Uses for VW Campervans

The much loved VW camper has been an icon since it's inception over 60 years ago. As the years have gone by the camper has gone by many nicknames including Kombi and Splitty. These days it's not only the name that can greatly vary but also the purpose of the famous Volkswagen Bus.

Whilst the vast majority of campers have remained just that, the enterprising few have modified their vans to suit a variety of purposes...

Wedding Cars - VW campers are a popular choice for weddings up and down the country. You can find fully reconditioned and modified campers to take the bride and bridal party to the wedding venue in style, and with a retro twist to the occasion to raise a smile.

Sweet Shop - one enthusiastic camper owner I have seen has converted their VW into a sweet shop. This camper can be hired for wedding too, but as an unusual addition to the days proceedings as opposed to a form of transport. This camper also attends shows and can be hired for other special occasions.

The Pasty Van - a well known British company have mocked up a number of classic VW campers to use as outlets across the country. These faux Volkswagens can be spotted at a number of destinations including major airports!

Cafe - an unusual take on the roadside cafe, one or two ingenious types use their modified campers as cafes in the UK, bringing warm refreshment to weary travellers and something a little different to brighten their day.

Mobile Bar - One clever enthusiast (and may be more) has turned their camper into a mobile bar available for hire. Another great choice for a wedding or special event, the VW camper has a great many uses when the right owner gets a little inspiration.

Ice Cream Van - I am aware of one especially rare VW split screen that is now being used as an ice cream van. The van is rare in that is is a high top version of the original, not something you see everyday. Now lovingly restored this 1964 VW van be hired out for a variety of occasions.

Of course, may VW campers are still restored to their original glory by owners and companies purely to continue their original purpose - for trekking off into the woods for a great holiday! Due to their diminishing numbers it can be tricky to find a good camper and get it van fully restored, plus there's usually a hefty price tag.

If you are looking to purchase a VW camper to do up yourself there are a number of pitfalls which befall many; we advise you do your homework and talk to someone in the know before making such a purchase. You need to be in it for the long haul and have quite a substantial amount of money put aside for such a project.

If you long for a holiday as a couple or family in a VW camper it may be cheaper and much easier to simply hire one for the duration of your holiday. There are a number of outlets for just this purpose, who have collated and restored a number of vehicles for you to choose from. A much more affordable way to live your VW camper dreams!

Anthony James is a writer specialising in travel and tourism. He grew up on the edge of the New Forest and still lives nearby. The area has always been a wonder to him and he visits frequently for quiet walks and inspiration. He recommends as a friendly local company offering original VW campers for holidays to the New Forest and special occasions.

Tips on Finding the Best Car Lease

If you have decided to buy a new car, you should know that there are a wide variety of different ways to finance the purchase. Most people who choose to purchase a vehicle do not want to pay for it in one full upfront payment, and instead prefer to make smaller payments over a certain amount of time. This makes it a lot easier to pay for the purchase of a new car without going broke from that initial payment that could have cost you too much to begin with.

When searching for the perfect car lease for your situation there are a wide variety of factors that should be considered carefully before you make any decisions. The amount of money that you will have to pay in each payment on your car lease will depend a lot on the type of car that you are buying. The more expensive your car is, the more you will be paying on each payment, but if the lease is spread out over a longer time frame then each payment will be lower. It is important to find a lease that you are comfortable with and that is flexible enough for you.

If you choose a car lease that is meant to be paid out in full over the space of just a few years, then you will find that there will be more restrictions and you will have to pay more on every payment. Some people prefer this to signing a very long lease, so just take your time to figure out which type of lease would be best suited to your situation. It is also important to recognize that you will typically end up paying more for your car if you get it financed rather than paying everything up front, so this is another thing to consider carefully.

Some financing programs will have higher rates than others, so make sure to take as much time as you need to find the cheapest one available. Also, you will want to make sure that you always pay on time, because some leasing programs are not at all flexible and they will take your car away from you if you do not pay on time. this could certainly prove to be a big problem for you so to avoid this from happening make sure that the payment plan you agree on is within the confines of your budget.

It is always better to stay on the safe side and choose the cheapest car leasing plan available. This will help to ensure that you will always be able to make that payment and that even if you lose your job you will still have enough money set aside to make a few more payments until you find a new job. by approaching the financing of your new car like this, you are much less likely to end up being disappointed. The idea is to make a well-informed and smart decision regarding your specific type of car lease.

Classic Ford Mustangs - Top Tips in Choosing a Car Restoration Company

Restoration Services: What to Expect

It was in the late 1960's that the world was treated to bolder and bigger cars courtesy of Ford Motor Company. Who could forget the first generation of classic Ford Mustangs and other groundbreaking models? Up until today, many car lovers and enthusiasts want to go back to that era to experience the excitement over what Ford was going to release next.

But you don't have to go back in time to drive a classic Ford Mustang. As a matter of fact, if you have one sitting in your garage for years, you might want to find the best car restoration company to make your Mustang brand new again.

In case you're wondering what these restoration companies would do to your car, here are some of their services.

First, your Mustang will undergo a thorough inspection of all its interior and exterior parts, accessories, and components. After the inspection, you will be given a full report of the extent of damage of your car. You will know which parts are missing and which parts need only polishing. The company can suggest any of the following: repair, cleaning and painting, or complete overhaul. Second, if you want certain upgrades, you can work with the company to find out your options. Once everything is settled, the company will start working to make your car the way it looked when you first bought it.

Tips in Choosing a Car Rebuilding Company

Car restoration, especially of vintage cars such as classic Ford Mustangs, requires precision and experience. That being said, you are strongly suggested to entrust the job only to a company with unparalleled services. To help you find the right company, here are some no-nonsense tips and guidelines.

First, you need to educate yourself about car restoration and the model of your Mustang. Gather as much information as you can so that you can be involved in the planning and actual restoration of your car. This will also make it easier for you to communicate your demands, and for the company to understand these demands. For that, look for a company that is open to their client's suggestions.

Second, look for a company that specializes in classic Ford Mustangs. These cars have special parts and accessories that may not be present in other cars, so you need a company who knows the ins and outs of your car. Also, remember that your goal is to completely restore your car to look exactly how it was a few decades ago. So only an experienced restoration company can meet your expectations.

Last, choose a company that has excellent customer service and one that maintains an open line of communication with their clients. Check what their previous clients have to say about their services, and if they have a website, it pays to read their blog to know how wide their knowledge is about classic Ford Mustangs. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if there have been complaints filed against the company of your choice.

Protect Your Vehicle With Classic Car Storage

Many of us would absolutely love to own a classic car but owning such a vehicle entails quite a lot of responsibility. Those who are prepared to take on such a wonderful piece of machinery need to be ready to take full care of it. The actual fun of owning a beautiful vehicle lies in the maintenance and upkeep. The main factors to take into consideration are that of both adequate storage and maintenance of the vehicle.

You will not be able to experience the thrill and excitement of owning a classic vehicle if it will not run sufficiently the next time you decide to take it out for a spin. Nor do you want to see your costly investment hindered by insufficient storage methods. If you are lucky enough to have larger spaces available for storage such as a driveway or garage space you might believe your car will be quite safe and to a certain extent you would be correct.

There are actually a few factors to consider though when it comes to classic car or sports car storage. You cannot simply park your new, beloved vehicle in the garage, covering it and hoping for the best. You must take into consideration the external forces impacting upon the condition of the vehicle. Once you have addressed this you will realise car storage is much more complex than you first though and in doing so you can keep your prized machine in pristine condition.

The surrounding temperature and moisture levels impact greatly upon the condition of the vehicle and can damage not only the body work but the all-important mechanics of the car. You can avoid this by choosing storage for your car. With classic car storage your vehicle is taken care of to the highest specifications and with expert facilities your car will be placed within a temperature controlled environment that is de-humidified and constantly monitored. This allows your car to be returned to you in immaculate condition meaning you can literally drive away with a smile on your face.

Wondering if your car is safe and secure on your driveway or in the garage could drive you crazy. Opting for classic car storage gives you peace of mind from a security angle, given the protected storage facilities, which are only accessed by professional staff and expert mechanics. The investment you make when you choose professional car storage can show its worth immediately if you consider the cost implications of constant maintenance that would be required if you did not store your vehicle sufficiently. Take pride in your beautiful vehicle by keeping in tip top condition. This way, it will be much more enjoyable to drive and you can rest easy knowing that when you are not at the wheel, it is stored safely and securely with a company that you can trust.

History of the Classic Triumph TR6

In 1969 Triumph produced the successor to the TR4-5-250 and dubbed it the Triumph TR6. Fans had been anticipating a new revision to the venerable British sports car line for some time. And in October 1969 they got it. The Triumph TR6 was mechanically identical to the Triumph TR5 and Triumph 250, except for the addition of wider wheels and a front anti-roll bar

The most impressive change, and the one that makes the Triumph TR6 stand out as one of the finest looking British sports cars, was the hood and front end design. The decidedly masculine hood, grill and bumper come together to give the sports car an intimidating look. Intimidating enough to make all other European and American sports cars of the day look positively wimpy.

Under that manly hood, the Triumph TR6 featured a 150 bhp, 2.5 liter 6-cylinder engine that was carbureted in the U.S. to meet emissions standards. In the mid 1960's the U.S. began to regulate fuel emissions. For Triumph to import the TR6 under newly minted Federal regulations, they had to tone down the power from 150 bhp in the UK to 104 bhp in the U.S. Why Triumph kept a carbureted engine and did not move to the more efficient fuel injection is a point of speculation. Part of the speculation is that the car could be priced cheaper with a carburetor than with fuel injection, and that Lucas electrical was not up to the task of producing precise enough metering to allow the enhanced engine output to meet emission standards. the last thing Triumph wanted was to ship a batch of cars over to have them rejected at the port.

As with the Triumph TR4, TR4a and TR250, the TR6 was configured with Lucas electrical components and wiring. This classic British Sports car could push 1/4 mile in 17.9 seconds, and could cruise comfortably at 109 mph. Even for such a large engine, and not much insulation, the Triumph TR6 was surprisingly smooth, quiet and easy to control. The benefit of tight rack-and-pinion steering allowed for quick, responsive turning. At normal performance the TR6 could comfortably cruise at 3370 rpm at 70 mph. In fact, drivers had to push the engine to 5200 rpm in order to redline it. with quick shifting the driver could easily quick shift to 4th gear, then slip it into overdrive for that extra kick.

Despite this setback, the Triumph TR6 had plenty of power, and was a surprisingly fast and nimble sports car. It swept down the road at 1/4 mile in 17.0 seconds from a standing start. Impressive as hell for the day. the engine would purr along at 3370 rpm at 70, but would pop into shifting excellence at 5200 rpm.

Triumph added a front anti-roll bar that provided extra stability over the TR4 and TR250.

One of the styling features of the Triumph TR6 were the prominent wheels. The red band and deep set wheel wells provided a distinctive look to this classic British Sports Car. The combination of the anti-roll bar and wider wheels gave the TR6 corning stability at high speeds and extra feeling of security even on bumpy roads. Stopping power was handled by a disc-drum combination that handled the weight of the TR6 nicely.

The interior of the TR6 was designed to be masculine and sleek. The standard Triumph polished wood dash holds the instrumentation is easily visible accessible areas. The tach is tach directly in front of the driver and the rest of the dials not too far away to the right. The pedals are not situated well for heeling-and- toeing, the throttle being too high for that; headlight dimming is by a foot switch with a directional signal flasher lever on the left side of the steering column-a better arrangement than the GT6's two-stalk setup because of the possibility of an OD stalk on the right side of the column.

The bucket seats felt sporty, but did not lose any comfort. The required headrest actually added a nice cosmetic addition when the top was down. The padded steering sports the Triumph logo but could not be adjusted without a toolkit. The interior carpet held back excessive noise even though the door panels were painfully this and know to do little protection against wind rattle once the cars aged a bit.

The Triumph TR6 went through several mild changes before it expired in July of 1976. The loss of the Triumph TR6 was a mistake British Leyland never recovered from. When they left the classic male fantasy sports car for what they perceived as "The shape of things to come", in the TR7 they made the wrong call and destroyed a great brand.

Today the Triumph TR6 is a class car renowned by car collectors world wide. Some 34 years after the TR6 was cancelled the car still holds up against the stylings of any of the modern two seater sports cars on the current market. Owner lucky enough to get their hands on one can attest to the mystique of this alluring man's sports car.

How to Collect Classic Cars

All classic car devotees long to discover a treasured vehicle hiding in an old yard or at the bottom of someone's garden: an uncovered gem just waiting to be rediscovered.

It is common knowledge that when hunting for a particular brand, you will often struggle to find exactly what you're looking for if you limit yourself to one brand. There are thousands of exciting models to be discovered, so don't restrict your choice, be open to all possibilities.

Most vintage car fanatics revel in researching and looking for cars: the idea that you might find a real delight pleases many. Just like any hobby or collection, the finding can be the fun part; you can even involve your partner, friends or family in the hunt.

The places where a classic car fan might come across a new treasure are endless. In some cases you might come across what one person might deem to be junk when it could be your treasure. Naturally, these sorts of projects tend to involve a lot of time and financial investment. Never turn your nose up at potential offers as you don't know where the offer might lead.

It can sometimes be the case where you might feel slightly disheartened when the jewel you think you've found turns out to be less than an unusual collector's item. Some vehicles might not be worth a fortune but they might provide you with an invaluable experience. Some finds might just require a bit of love and dedication to transform it into something more valuable: the history behind an old vehicle can be quite astonishing in some cases.

Frequently, experts will recommend purchasing the best car your budget allows but this isn't necessarily the best advice as not everyone has a large budget. Purchasing a classic car doesn't translate to purchasing the most immaculate, award-winning model; it's more important to purchase a car which you can enjoy and have some great trips in. Sometimes a classic car owner just wants to relish being able to say they own a Jaguar or a Bugatti, even if it is in a less than perfect state.

Some view the relationship a classic car follower has with their most prized possession as comparable to a romantic novel: the vehicle is desired, the owner dreams about its transformed state and then once the purchase is complete, the two become inseparable. Classic car collecting can become a highly addictive hobby so don't join this club or fanatics without caution.

Classic Mustangs - A Quick Guide

What are classic Mustangs? They're considered the best Mustangs around! However, for a more informative take on the question, classic Mustangs are simply first generation Ford Mustangs that were manufactured between the years 1964 through 1973.

If you happen to have an old Ford Mustang made between those years, it's considered a classic first generation model. Considered the first "pony car", these classic cars were fostered with a compact, economical and stylish design, in addition to a performance based or sporty persona.

Mustangs were first introduced as convertibles and hardtops; the fastback version of the cars went on sale immediately following the introduction of the previous makes. During this time, Mustangs were considered compact cars. However, once these Mustangs were revised during the following years, they gained increases in their overall size and engine power.

The very first manufactured Mustangs were marketed as the early 1965 models, however they're also called "1964 1/2" models due to significant revisions taking place at the start of its model year. Available as either an coupe or convertible, the 1964/1965 Mustang housed a base 170-cubic inch six-cylinder engine, in addition to a 3-speed transmission in floor shift form.

Its optional hardware included a 260-cubic inch V-8 engine and a 4-speed manual form transmission or 3-speed automatic transmission, affectionately known as "Cruise-o-Matic."

At the time, the base price for Mustangs started at around $2,000 brand new. Ford sold over 400,000 of these Mustangs throughout its twelve month debut year.

But, what if you want to buy a classic Mustang now? Before searching through Mustang classifieds, you need to do research first. Researching the kinds of classic Ford Mustangs you can buy will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

To get started, look for the place that's selling your classic Mustang of choice. There's many Mustang classifieds out there, commonly on the Internet or in the newspaper. You'll be able to find classic Mustangs ranging from the 1964/1965 models to the 1969 Mustang Boss 302, which happened to be revived for the 2013 model year.

Simple car buying research starts with consulting a reliable offline or online reference, where the pricing and general information about a classic Mustang resides. If you've found that classic Mustang that you can't stop looking at, be sure to contact the seller before negotiating any kind of deal to avoid potential conflicts. And be sure to see the car in person and meet the seller before sending any money to the seller.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

History of the Volkswagen Camper Van

The VW Type 2 also known as the VW Camper was created almost by accident in the 1950s. In the article we run through how it all began, how the Type 2 reach such popularity, and what the future may hold for these iconic vehicles.

The vehicle behind the idea for the Volkswagen Type 2 was not initially meant for public consumption. The production of the Type 1 was in full swing (that's a Beetle to you and me), and a roughly put together wagon for carrying parts around the factory was seen trundling round the site by a Volkswagen importer called Ben Pon. Pon is generally credited with coming up with the idea of another larger vehicle based on the Type 1 floor pan. He began sketching his ideas in 1947, but the VW factory was so busy building Type 1 vehicles there was simply no room to diversify.

When some capacity on the workshops was freed up production of a Type 2 prototype began. In just over 3 months the vehicle had been built, and after some tweaks to help make the vehicle more aero dynamic production started in 1949. Initially the Type 2 was offered in the Kombi format with side windows and removable seats, and the Commercial. Due to its construction it was easy to diversify the Volkswagen Type 2 range to suit a wide range of industries, and in the following years between 1949 - 1952 was also released as a canvas back, a tipper, a milk float, a pick up, a bus and even an ambulance. Of course the Microbus and Caravelle we all know and love today was also part of this range.

The split windscreen first introduced to reduce drag on the original vehicle earned the van the 'Splittie' nickname, however in 1967 this design was replaced by a single sheet of glass and the split screen was lost. Around this time a number of changes were made including the release of bigger engines.

In 1980 the Type 3 was introduced to the market, a larger version of the Type 2 with sharper edges and lines. A number of T3s can be seen on the roads today, and though they do not share the iconic status of the Type 2, many owners are just as proud of their T3 vehicles.

The Type 4 Transporter was the first to use the Transporter title, and many feel the T4 is the best Type 2 evolution since the original, however a sea of T5 owners may disagree. The T4 camper was customised by owners and professionals alike, with Westfalia carrying out customisations for Volkswagen themselves to create a saleable T4 camper van.

The T5 was launched in 2003, and is available in a range of trim levels and with a wide variety of custom options. The T5 camper van can be customised by a number of recognised custom fitters such as California, Westfalia and many others.

VW have seen tremendous success with the Type 2 range, and those that came after it. Still seen today as an iconic vehicle the T2 can command a large price tag, and a spot in the hearts of owners around the world.

Anthony James is a writer specialising in travel and tourism. He grew up on the edge of the New Forest and still lives nearby. The area has always been a wonder to him and he visits frequently for quiet walks and inspiration. He recommends as a friendly local company offering original VW campers for holidays to the New Forest and special occasions.