Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Conversion Vans Can Help Athletes Win the Race

High school and college athletic teams frequently travel to other schools for games and competitions. While some sports focus on one game, the track and field team competes in several events at once. Each student specializes in different activities, such as the discus, shotput, running relays, distance, hurdle and sprinter events. For some schools, getting the team to these competitions can be challenging. Unless the team has a bus or a van, students, parents and coaches have to drive their own vehicles. This can result in discomfort, confusion and stress on the road. Stressed out athletes are not focused on the track meet, but on traffic, travel and sore legs. This will affect their competitive edge and can cause poor performance. Custom conversion vans have become the ride of choice for high school and college track and field teams.
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Having two vehicles that the entire track team can fit into helps the team stay together and minimizes problems encountered with driving private vehicles or getting lost while caravanning. Athletes can spend time focusing on the meet, rather than the road. Specialized layouts for seating, watching film and listening to music is combined with decor in team colors to promote school spirit.

The track and field team needs extra room for equipment. Most students bring their field shoes to change into and wear warm-up suits and street shoes en route. As a result, there must be enough room in the high school or university sports teams' vans for each team member's equipment and a change of shoes or clothes. Custom conversion vans can be designed with special storage compartments for shoe bags, field equipment and scoring sheets.

Sitting in comfort is more than a matter of personal preference. The air conditioning or heat is important to keep athletes' bodies at an optimal temperature to avoid sweating and dehydration. A vehicle that is too cold will cause a longer warm-up time, especially for the hurdler and pole vaulter. For the distance runner or sprinter, conversion vans are the preferred method of travel. Athletes have a chance to sit comfortably. These custom vans offer extended bench seating length and extra space between seats. There is enough leg room so that students can spend a few hours on the road without circulation problems or cramping their legs.

When traveling to a track and field meet at another school, comfortable group transportation is a necessity for comfort and high performance. For the discus thrower, hurdler, distance runner and sprinter, vans are the preferred method of travel. They can make the difference between winning and losing a race.

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