Sunday, August 12, 2012

Important Performance Chips for Your Car

Power chips and superchargers are two important performance chips that greatly enhance the power of the car. You can get them installed quite easily with the help from the experts.

There are two important performance chips, power chips and supercharges, that are widely used by the car owners across the world because of their ability to generate more power with the relatively lesser consumption of fuel. Power chips were used in car racing to boost the acceleration and speed of the concerned cars and that was achieved by efficient calibration of the engines. These chips gather the engine's data from the Electronic Control Unit which is processed and some special settings for the engine are achieved which results in greater power generation in the engine.

Some power chips available in the market optimize the power output for full power band and not just the engine's throttle that may have a significant outcome on the engine's power. You do not expect the car to vroom just when started but it goes through several subtle variations from the time it is started to the time it comes to a halt. Power chips and superchargers are two important performance chips that greatly enhance the power of the car. The software in these power chips analyzes and adjusts the setting so that you get the optimum power throughout the drive.

Superchargers are another performance oriented chips that have been popular among the car owners. They efficiently use air compressor to achieve the forced induction of engines that subsequently helps in enhancing the performance of the engine. These superchargers come in two variations, positive displacement and dynamic compressors. The first one provides continuous boost (it is the pressure provided by the superchargers)) to the engine irrespective of the RPM (Rotation per Minute) whereas the second one provides the boost depending on the RPM, greater the RPM greater will be the boost.

"Turbo charger" is another refined and efficient variation of "supercharger" which is generally driven by the pressure generated by the exhaust gases. Though these are commonly used in racing cars but off late, many performance-oriented cars are also seen to be using these. These Engine performance chips are not too costly but their effects on the car are quite significant and they are mostly being sought by car enthusiasts who admire performance and power of the car. They are readily available in the market and you should seek expert's service in their successful installation.

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